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2010 EFMI STC 2010 - 2. júní

EFMI STC 2010 Conference in Reykjavík June 2-4   
Seamless care - safe care
The challenges of interoperability and patient safety in health care

Aim and Scope                                                                                        

The conference will explore the challenges facing electronic exchange of health information cross borders within as well as between countries.A particular focus will be on the interoperability of systems including global standards for patient safety, traceability and accurate data synchro-nisation. Furthermore, topics concerning the technological, inter-disciplinary, financial, legal and cultural challenges in cross-border communication will be addressed.

  Presentations from the conference are now available at the
EFMI website

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We thank our sponsors:

GS1 Healthcare and Health Level Seven International





The conference is held with the endorsement of The Ministry of Health and the University of Iceland