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Samantekt á ensku vegna ráðstefnu um sögu tölvunnar á Norðurlöndum 2003:

Municipalities in Iceland

In 1970 the municipalities in Iceland (except Reykjavík) were using Burroughs General Ledger machines to account for the local income tax. Each taxpayer had his or her own ledger card where the payments were recorded. The Skýrr centre (see above) calculated the individual tax assessment and the property rates as computed from the computerised real estate assessment (see above).

The municipalities started to cooperate in the early 70’s to find a common solution to their need for improved data processing. The minicomputers had appeared on the scene, making it feasible to manage the tax collection locally. The solution adopted was based on standard software from IBM, termed the “Taxpayer's Account” system (gjaldendabókhald), running on an IBM system S/3. The state taxes and property rates were computed centrally by Skýrr with local taxes and adjustments performed in the Taxpayer´s Account system. The Taxpayer's Account systems were in use well into the 1980s the and were then all centralised at Skýrr.

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Örn Kaldalóns