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Samantekt á ensku vegna ráðstefnu um sögu tölvunnar á Norðurlöndum 2003:

First attempts at teleprocessing

The first steps towards teleprocessing at Skýrr were taken in 1973. Then the University of Iceland gained access to Skýrr’s IBM 370/135, running the APL programming system over remote terminals. The university APL application was not successful and was abandoned after 3 years. The main reason for the failure was limited processing capacity in the 370 computer, which had 96K of memory. A year later the Reykjavík City Hospital installed a terminal for RJE (Remote Job Entry) connected to the IBM computer at Skýrr to facilitate data processing for the clinical laboratory at the hospital. The requests for laboratory tests and the test results were punched in cards and processed over night when workload was low at Skýrr. The next morning various working lists and printed reports were ready at the RJE terminal. Subsequently the ever increasing need for teleprocessing was to have a profound effect on the telephone infrastructure i.e. both the connections and equipment inside Iceland as well as the equipment connecting Iceland to other countries.

jg 2003
Jóhann Gunnarsson