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Stutt yfirlit yfir tölvuvinnslu Flugleiða hf. 1974–1993 (PDF 56K). Jakob Sigurðsson

Samantekt á ensku vegna ráðstefnu um sögu tölvunnar á Norðurlöndum 2003:

Fish processing plants

The Icelandic economy is mainly based on fishing and fish processing industry. Around the year 1970 fish processing plants started paying bonus to employees for efficiency in production and utilization of raw material.
In the early 70’s the company Rekstrartækni s/f computerised the bonus calculation for the larger fish processing plants in Iceland. In 1972  Rekstrartækni purchased an IBM  System/3 system and IBM Iceland assisted in writing RPG programs for a salary system. They started servicing the processing plant Ísbjörninn (with around 100 employees), and were so successful that soon they had 16 plants to serve. Monthly meetings were arranged with the plant managers to coordinate this new technique. The managers took care not to disclose any critical information about their plants to the competitors and the Rekstrarækni staff had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Based on the operative data obtained in the plants the utilisation of the raw material was computed and measures taken to improve it.  As a result the utilisation of the raw material for cod, for example, increased from 36% to 42% in the period 1974 to 1980 resulting in 18% increase in packed products.
In 1981 Rekstrartækni had four large IBM System/34 computers, when they purchased one IBM System/38 to take over all their data processing. By then they were by far the largest mid-range computer installation in Iceland. Subsequently the fish processing plants began purchasing their own midrange computers and started running their own salary and accounting systems.

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