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16. desember 2021

Tik Tok: Platform for both good and bad

rosalinTikTok is one of the newest social media and therefore comes with new obstacles, new dangers, but also new ways of entertainment. Everyone has different tastes in entertainment and since TikTok is a social media that is all about the people, it must have different types of entertainment to please the most. You can find almost everything on TikTok: from baby videos to people committing crimes, and as good as it is for social media to have range, this is taking it too far and it must be stopped. In this article different trends, or types of videos, will be discussed and if they are good trends, bad trends, or even dangerous trends.

TikTok has a lot of baby videos, from cute videos of babies sneezing to tips from experienced mothers that are supposed to help new moms. This is a good part of TikTok to be in. Looking at a small baby through a screen can bring people joy and most babies have very contagious laughter which can help brighten up your day. No one is a perfect parent from the start, it is something you must learn as you go, all kids are different, and they need different types of care and that is where the tips from the experienced moms come in. The tips give you a place to start, they give you the soil for you to grow on and become the best parent that you can be in that moment. The tips can also teach you about the process of being pregnant and going through childbirth. Even though to some, the thought of childbirth is terrifying and not everything about it is all sunshine and rainbows it is something we should learn about and TikTok gives you a great platform to learn.

TikTok is also full of dance and is responsible for many dance trends nowadays. This makes for a good and fun exercise and helps keep us both healthy and entertained. This is an example of a good trend, one that helps us better ourselves and one that does not hurt anyone in the process of entertaining others. This is one of the best things about TikTok, people coming together and expressing themselves through their art and encouraging people to join them in doing something spectacular.

TikTok is a social media platform that, without intending to, made crime more accessible and more fun. A user on TikTok managed to make stealing a trend by introducing the newest lick challenge. The newest lick challenge encourages you to damage school property by stealing from the school and vandalizing it. Items that have been taken include hand sanitiser, toilet seats, security cameras and fire hydrants. Many schools have taken action against this by closing down their bathrooms and have installed more security cameras to catch the students so they can be held accountable for their actions (Marples, 2021).

The slap a teacher trend” is another trend made popular through TikTok and it encourages lick” on the app it gives you no results and redirects you to their community guidelines (Al-Heeti, 2021). TikTok hasn’t started working on the “slap a teacher” trend so searching for it still gives you results, but hopefully, they will work on it soon and make TikTok and the world a safer place.

TikTok is a social media platform that hosts many types of entertainment, both good and bad. It consists of people helping each other being a parent, getting people to do fun exercise in the form of dance but it also has people encouraging illegal and dangerous behaviour, which is something that should be stopped, not only by TikTok but also by us. The users of TikTok also must keep their eyes open and report the bad trends and put a stop to the illegal and dangerous activities that surface on TikTok.

Author: Róslín Erla Tómasdóttir


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